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Preguntas que llegan, si alguien quiere contestarlas

Nos envían el siguiente cuestionario:

My name is M. and I am writing my MA-Thesis in ‘Global Studies’ about the ‘Pirate Parties’ Global Perspective’ and notions on democracy. Therefore, I interviewed several PP members from different countries at the PPI General Assembly last weekend in Prague. Since the GA took place in Prague, my interviews are - so far – pretty Eurocentric. That is the reason behind writing you. I would like to have a worldwide perspective – as far as possible.

Below, I have written down my questions that I have asked other Pirates before. Now, I would be very happy, if anyone in your party can find the time to answer these questions (in written form) as well. Hence, more answers mean a more differentiated picture (and less physically boundedness of the research). Also if you would like, we could set up a Skype interview, which would be helpful as well.

Additionally, the research will be accessible for everyone that is interested in the topic. Thus, you can get your own copy if you wish. I am planning to finish my thesis in September.

The questionnaire will take approx. 10-20 minutes to answer. If you want to stay anonymous for the research, just make up a name and indicate it with an (anon.) after you ‘name’. Please also indicate, if you are answering personally or as a spokesman of your Pirate Party.

The ‘deadline’ is somewhat lose (so you have enough time), but it would be great, if I can receive the answers until the 10th of May. In general, the earlier the better. If you cannot manage to answer the questions until then, but you want to participate, please write me and let me know what timeframe would be appropriate for you. If there are questions that seem unclear to you, leave them blank or write me and I try to formulate them better. If you do not have an opinion on a question, please indicate that through a (n.o.).

I also made a pdf-document, where you can find more information about my research, my studies, and myself in order that you can make yourself a better picture. I can't attach it here, so if you want to read trough it, please send me an e-mail. Of course, if you have any further questions of any kind, please do not hesitate to write me an E-mail.

Therefore, please, it would be wonderful if you, or someone in your party can find the time to fill out the questions below.

Thank you in advance for your time and effort.

I hope to hear from you soon.

Have a great day




Position in the PP:

  1. Why did you become a member of the PP?
  2. What is special (or unique) about the Pirate Party?
  3. The Pirate Parties are dealing with the consequences of the digital age. What do you think are the consequences of the digital age relating to the (Westphalian) Nation-State?
    1. Is the PP a global party?
    2. IF YES *Why? IF NO *Why not? Does the PP have the potential to become a global party?
    3. How would you describe the relationship between your PP and other PPs?
  4. What does Global Governance mean to you? (°This is a subjective question, asking for your (or your PPs) opinion/perception and not for a definition.)
    1. What could be the potential role of the PPs/PPI in solving global problems (such as e.g. poverty, hunger, climate change, international crime, migration)?
    2. What addition (or novelty) for dealing with issues on a global scale could the PPs provide?
    3. What kind of problems or obstacles are existent/could arise when working on a global scale?
  5. What are the PPs/PPIs/your notions on democracy (images, political views, or attitudes towards democracy)? (°Please indicate here, if you speak for yourself, your party, or if you think you can speak for the whole movement.)
    1. What are the opportunities and problems of this notion on democracy?
    2. How does the PP want to counteract selfishness and disenchantment with politics?
    3. Which sectors of life should be included in the political decision making? (Differently phrased: Should e.g. economy, labour relations, or construction projects (etc.) be included into the democratic political decision making?)
    4. How does the PP want to strengthen the participation of citizens in politics (in your country)?
  6. Where do you see the PP in 15 years? What do you wish to see?

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